It was only much later that I came to understand the importance of child education.

I know this must come as a shock.

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Hirotoshi thinks you should talk to Stan.

Glue the photograph to your application form.

Holding a conversation with her feels like walking across a minefield.

This is a work that benefits others.

She's also a visual artist.


I don't have to do that if I don't want to, do I?

Do you want to go get something to eat?

He will travel abroad next year.


How the hell did that happen?

I have made many mistakes in my lifetime.

Electronics provides a multi-stage and simple adjustment of the air flow.


I always wanted to have a dog.


I did everything for them.

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I'd buy a larger TV if I had room for it.

The blood stain can't be removed.

He is a brave man in his own eyes.

Do not let go of the rope till I tell you.

His wife opened the door for him.


You must do your duty.

We should ask them.

The problem is that that circuit is in series.


Her husband's illness caused her great anxiety.


Everybody's upstairs.

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Doug watched very closely, but couldn't figure out the magician's trick.

I think we should've left ten minutes ago.

Truth has a good face, but ragged clothes.

Let's try a different approach.

Do you have a better one?

Things haven't been the same around here since Dieter left.

We should leave immediately.

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What's the most fun you've ever had?


I'm worried about the safety of the passengers.

I want to be proud of who I am.

Justin could be anywhere by now.

Is your room clean?

The bridge gave way because of the flood.

Bradley pretended not to be afraid.

All pumps and alarm systems failed, and large amounts of water flooded into the Oslofjord Tunnel three days ago.

Do you know whose dog this is?

No two words are identical in meaning.

They sell meat at this store.

What did you say to Paula?

Rees is powerless.

Do you get it?

They are good friends of yours.

The restaurant we went to wasn't so expensive.

This man is very, very old.

"I have a boyfriend." "Since when?"

Please show me the green shirt.

It was deliberate.

They are hungry this morning.

I'll be home as soon as I can.

Do you see that woman? She's my wife.

He's totally lost it.

Tell Jeremy that I'm sleeping.

A white cloud is floating in the blue sky.


I don't know who wrote this letter.

We're reserved.

This story you're telling is unbelievable.


Children are open to various influences.


The party's today.

We should weigh the options carefully before making a decision.

I'm trying to avoid them.

He looks haggard.

Hi, my name is Chuck. How can I help you?

I knew Dori was coming back.

We aren't doing anything wrong.

What was left?

I enjoyed myself last night.

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That's a lot of work.

When two countries end a war, they sign a peace treaty.

If you thought that we were "on a little planet with little peoples," you would not want to propagandize anything.

How long does it take to get to the airport with the airport bus?

He was sitting there with a pipe in his mouth.

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Tareq finally mustered up the courage to ask Cathy out.

Everybody thought so.

Can I count on you to do that?


There's no solution to this problem.

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I have a pretty good idea what happened there.

Even as we stand here tonight, we know there are brave Americans waking up in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, to risk their lives for us.

We're going to have failures.

Petr certainly can't become a member of our club.

He likes to play tennis.


Your hair is too long.

The typhoon prevented us from returning to Tokyo.

Many apologies for being so late!

This happened before.

He has a remarkable aptitude for music.

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That's not very polite.

We won't know until next year.

We're trying to get better.

I haven't seen Paul for a long time. The last time I saw him was four months ago.

It was just a wish.

Did you tell the police what Norm did?

Do you think it's wise to wear your uniform today?

He's vile.

Go where you will in Holland, you will see windmills.

The production was believed to be jinxed as every actor playing the lead role has fallen ill.

I challenged him to a game.


I just want you to be happy.


Turn to the left without regard to the signal.


I wouldn't want to bother Pravin.

The box just fell to pieces all at once.

I was thinking about asking her out.

Norma has a good chance of winning.

Hartmann is a good husband to me.


Who brought us here?

Whenever I see you, I always think of my younger brother.

Do you have a paper clip?

Leif has three sons and one daughter.

He's an underwater archaeologist.

Not words but action is needed now.

Not all the books are worth reading.


You ought not to have done such a thing.


After fifteen years at a building firm, Bill Pearson was given the responsible position of area manager.

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I know you hired him.

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I feel thirsty.


Donovan isn't allowed to go there.

I'll write to you when I have time.

She said that a good gin and tonic is like summertime in a glass, and it struck me as being too true.


At least let me help carrying the table for you.

We can see that.

He taunted me, but I didn't take the bait.

A dog is barking.

Thank you for the dinner, it's so delicious.

Who rang the bell?

What's the time according to your watch?

Izchak lives in his car.

Would somebody look after him?

The old man went back to his lodging.

Rathnakumar didn't finish her lunch.


Do you remember what happened to you?


Surya doesn't spend much time in Boston.


I am very reasonable with my employees.

She put some of the ointment on her hands.

There remain great fears of seeing the clashes degenerate into massacres.

I always get home by six o'clock.

Miho plays the piano better than Noriko.

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Their team doesn't have a ghost of a chance of winning this season.


Six months later we were married.

He doesn't show his feelings.

Exactly what does that mean?

I failed the test because I didn't study.

What're you waiting for?

There's nobody here.

We just have to go do that.

It's no small matter.

If you knew that somehow I was in trouble, ...

I've burnt the toast.

You were manipulating him.

She is a child after all.

I call her very often.


Don't talk to Leigh like that.

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Roll out half the pastry and line a 13-cm pie dish.

Maria salted the meat.

Put the meat in the refrigerator, or it will rot.

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You don't fool me.

Stars undergo nuclear reactions that burn hydrogen in their cores.

The music next door is very loud. I wish they would turn it down.